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Keeping PC boards clean can maintain good usage results


Keeping PC boards clean can maintain good usage results. Usually, self-cleaning with rainwater can meet the requirements, and diluted household neutral cleaning agents can also be used for cleaning.

1. Ensure that the cleaning agent does not contain solvents; Rinse with warm water first, then use a soft sponge or brush to wipe the stains, preferably with hot water until thoroughly cleaned; Finally, dry with a soft cotton cloth.
2. Heavy oil or tar stains can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, gently wipe the contaminated area with a soft cloth, and then rinse using the method recommended in the previous section.
3. Large areas of sunlight panels or endurance panels can be rinsed with a professional high-pressure water gun, and appropriate amounts of neutral cleaning agents can be added; Steam nozzles can also be used for cleaning.
4. Even if there is a protective film, it is necessary to avoid friction between sunlight plates or endurance plates, otherwise static electricity will be generated, which can adsorb dust and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

Safety measures during installation and maintenance:

1. When installing PC panels, it is important to note that the panels are not suitable for bearing concentrated loads of one person's weight. When working on any type of lighting roof, it is recommended to use ladders or anti slip pedals.

2. Next, stand on the sunlight board or endurance board between the purlins or the lighting frame! If necessary, try to stand in a place with a supporting skeleton, as deformation caused by concentrated loads may cause the plate to be pulled out of the profile.

3. Before all the boards are installed in place and not fixed, it is not allowed to be careless. During the installation process, the impact of gusts and other factors should be considered to prevent the boards from being lifted by the wind, causing losses or personal injury.