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Features of polycarbonate embossed and corrugated sheets


I. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life > 25 years
The material itself has strong corrosion resistance, even direct surface contact without chemical reaction.
Therefore, PC embossed and corrugated sheets are more suitable for special environments such as seaside and chemical plants.

II. Especially outstanding performance in sound dissipation and heat insulation
The thermal insulation performance of 2.2mm thick PC embossed and corrugated sheet is 2200 times that of 0.5mm thick steel sheet tiles.
Practice verification: the use of PC embossed and corrugated sheet industrial plants (without insulation treatment) indoor and outdoor temperature difference of about 2 ℃.

III. Low installation cost
The installation of PC embossed and corrugated sheet does not require per-determined expansion holes and is directly fixed by drilling holes, which is convenient and no follow-up maintenance cost.

IV. Beautiful and elegant appearance
PC embossed and corrugated sheets are colorful and chic, which can decorate various styles of buildings.

V. Wind and earthquake resistant - 90 degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable
Whether applied to high-rise, inland or coastal, can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes. The roofing system is safe and reliable.