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Greenhouse material selection: a hard to find, choose TA ~ polycarbonate (PC) sunlight panel


With the gradual penetration of garden art into home life, modern people's care for green is being paid more and more attention to, popular in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, the courtyard greenhouse has been flourishing, the product is simple and resistant, DIY design, a variety of styles, by large, medium and small series of products. Polycarbonate (PC) sun panels, suitable for private courtyards, villa groups, building balconies, rooftops ...... Four major features of the product:

1. freedom of personality, independent creativity;

2. simple loading and unloading, easy to carry;

3. light and practical; 4. light transmission and moisture-proof

PC sunlight panel is chosen as the material of choice for greenhouse building, which is assembled with the structure of sunlight panel embedded in aluminum profile slot and locked with nuts and nuts. The whole product is light and fast, durable structure, simple and generous appearance, economical, and is one of the most popular greenhouse flower room.