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How to choose car shed from hollow pc sheet and solid pc sheet


It is suggested to choose the sunshine board, which does not mean that the endurance board is not as good as the sunshine board, which needs to be treated according to different purposes. The endurance board has its irreplaceable excellent performance, but the sunshine board is a little better in the car shed, because the service life of the sunshine board and the endurance board is the same, but the cost of the sunshine board is very low.


You will understand the five characteristics of the sunlight board after reading it.
1. Durability: The outdoor service life of the sunlight board and endurance board is basically ten years. Oz PC sunlight board has a UV anti ultraviolet coating, and its durability is guaranteed on the basis that the PC material maintains good physical performance at - 40 to 120 degrees.
2. Aesthetics: The arc cold bending installation can cooperate with many artistic design schemes of the car shed, giving people beautiful visual enjoyment and becoming a beautiful landscape of the city
3. Economy: If the price per square meter of the panel of the car shed is about 35-38 yuan (including installation accessories) with 6mm sunlight plate, and 65-68 yuan per square meter of the endurance plate with 2mm thickness is used, and the rigidity of the endurance plate is not as good as that of the sunlight plate, which requires more intensive keel to support, and increases the material cost of the car shed.
4. Impact resistance: the sunlight board is not easy to break, and even if it is smashed, it will not produce dangerous sharp fragments. It only needs to repair the smashed part with neutral sealant to continue to use, effectively ensuring the safety of people and objects under the shed.
5. Weather resistance: The sunlight plate can be used normally in the temperature range of - 40 ℃to 120 ℃, and is applicable to any region in China.