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How to make size selection to help you save money when choosing solar panels --- Size, specification and price of solar panel


The size, specification and price of the solar panel usually refer to the thickness, width and length of the solar panel. The thickness of the solar panel varies from 4 to 25 mm according to different shapes, and the width is fixed, which are 2.1 meters, 1.22 meters and 1.05 meters respectively. If the width needs to be customized, it will cause loss and increase cost, and the length can be customized according to the project requirements to reduce loss. It is recommended that the maximum length should not exceed 7 meters, which is convenient for the reasons of thermal expansion and contraction during transportation and use.


In addition, the colors of the sun board can also be varied. Common colors include transparent color, brown, blue, and other colors include orange, yellow, bright red, gray, green, etc.

About the light transmittance of solar panels: the light transmittance of different colors is different, the light transmittance of different colors is different, and the light transmittance of different thickness is different.


About the curved arc canopy of solar panels: solar panels can be naturally bent without heat bending. The minimum bending radius of solar panels is 180 times the thickness, that is, the radius of the curved solar panel canopy mm ≥ thickness mm * 180 is the reasonable application range.