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PC board is a new type of building material, how much do you know?


Sunshine board,  as a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly building material decoration, has entered the large-scale sales market of building decoration materials in China since the latter half of the 1980s, and the total sales value has rapidly increased by 20% every year.

According to the investigation, the polycarbonate plate made of this raw material has high quality physical effects. It is more transparent, impact resistant, lightweight, weather resistant, flame retardant, sound insulation and noise reduction, thermal insulation, anti condensation water, easy to manufacture and other effects than tempered glass, laminated glass, explosion-proof laminated glass, and double-layer insulating glass. Especially, the impact resistance of high-quality endurance boards is 100 times that of general tempered glass and 30 times that of organic glass; The development trend of sound insulation and noise reduction compared to tempered glass is 3-4 dB; It can isolate 20-40% of infrared sensing.



At present, the application of PC solar panel in greenhouse in China is developing rapidly, mainly concentrated in North China. In terms of the construction of greenhouse with solar panels, the greenhouse with solar panels as the building decoration materials, the greenhouse with solar panels on the back wall, and the greenhouse with solar panels on the armpits and walls. In terms of efficacy, there are commercial service-oriented greenhouse with flower species value trading as the core, and greenhouse with production as the core machinery manufacturing industry, It is also a comprehensive greenhouse with the development of ecological agriculture, vacation tourism as the core, and a greenhouse with scientific research as the core. All or part of the above greenhouse are equipped with PC solar panels, so that the ecological environment protection of greenhouses can be further improved.

The service items that PC Sunshine Board can provide can be seen in many places, gradually transforming residential buildings without balconies into sunshine rooms; Provide lighting covers for the skylights and underground parking passages of large and medium-sized public buildings; Allowing for the continuous emergence of flower rooms and sun houses in residential areas; Make shared bicycles and booths cleaner, neater, and more aesthetically pleasing. The transparent, thermal insulation, lightweight, and easy to bend design of the sunlight board showcases diverse postures in the user's exquisite design.