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Specification, size and introduction of polycarbonate U lock polycarbonate sheet


Everyone is familiar with sunshade made of sunshade. Few people will know that the U-shaped lock plate is an improvement on the appearance of ordinary sunshade to solve the problem of difficult installation of ordinary sunshade.

U-shaped locking gusset plate is a new type of building ceiling material, which has the advantages of high load, resistance to thermal expansion and contraction, simple and fast installation, effective leakage prevention, heat insulation, and suitable for bending design. It is widely used in sports venues roof lighting, garage entrance, swimming pool ceiling, awning sidewalk, shopping malls lighting wells and other places.

The U-shaped lock gusset plate adopts free moving fasteners, and the U-shaped vertical edge is designed to prevent water seepage in the installation of the whole system. The innovative U-shaped lock structure design makes the installation of the roof simple and fast, the structure firm, and the maintenance convenient.

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The U-shaped lock sunlight plate is made of polycarbonate raw materials (mainly Costron and Shabik) to prevent recycling.

The surface of the board is covered with a 50-micron UV-resistant coating, which increases the service life of the board and provides a 10-year quality assurance.

There is no need to screw the plate directly to avoid the displacement and crack of the plate due to thermal expansion and contraction. It is suitable for the construction of large-span canopy.

The vertical edge of the board is locked by the accessories, and the waterproof effect is excellent.

It has a variety of colors, adjustable light transmittance, and certain thermal insulation functions.

Specification and size of U-shaped latch sun plate:
Name: U-shaped solar panel
Nickname: U-shaped buckle sunlight plate, U-shaped buckle plate, U-shaped daylighting plate, U-shaped polycarbonate plate
Board material: Bayer polycarbonate PC particles
Anti aging process: 50 micron anti-aging UV coating
Design service life (service life): more than 15 years
Width: 600mm
Length: customized according to user needs (considering the shorter the convenience of transportation and loading and unloading, the better)
Thickness: 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm
Sheet shape: double layer, four layers, honeycomb
Lock hook style: single hook+stainless steel anchor buckle, double hook+stainless steel anchor buckle
Material of bead: PC polycarbonate
Closing material: PC polycarbonate, aluminum profile
Packing method: PE protective film on both sides, tape sealing at both ends
Light transmittance: the light transmittance can be freely adjusted to ≥ 85% according to different colors and concentrations
Color selection: transparent (natural color), dark blue, light blue, green, brown, white, gray, orange, yellow, red, etc
Function selection: anti-fog drop technology, crystal clear frosting effect
Combustion grade: B1
Thermal insulation coefficient (K value): 2.3-2.9w/m2 • k (depending on the thickness of the plate)
Sound insulation index: 15-24dB (depending on the thickness of the plate)
Curvable arch installation: Yes
Whether the complete set of installation accessories is included: Yes
Delivery period: ≥ 1000 ㎡ 7-10 days
Mode of transportation: automobile and land transportation

According to market statistics, our U-shaped locking plate has the following main advantages and characteristics:
1. The leak-proof design of the U-shaped lock plate building system ensures that the roof building system does not leak.
2. The U-shaped lock plate building system has a solid double-hook design to ensure that the roof system will not fall off when the roof wind load is 7.0kpa.
3. The U-shaped locking plate building system can ensure that the plate can be used for more than 15 years, and the entire roof system can be used for more than 15 years.

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