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Things about polycarbonate sheet forming


The performance of optical grade polycarbonate sheet mainly depends on the performance of raw materials and the level of sheet manufacturing process. The light transmittance of PC sheet is 75% - 90%, and it has excellent impact resistance, strength and toughness. It is widely used in building materials.

PC polycarbonate board can also be used to make large lampshade, searchlight shade, explosion-proof lamp, window glass of automobiles and airplanes, etc




Sheet metal forming can be divided into extrusion molding and injection molding. Compared with injection molding, extrusion molding has the advantages of high stability and continuity. Plate extrusion molding is to heat and soften the raw materials, and then extrude them into the molding die (called die head) for molding. The plastic will form a section consistent with the die head. After a long section of extrusion, it will be cooled, and then cut to the required length as required.


Extrusion molding equipment has low cost, is widely used, and is easy to automate production. PC injection molding is mainly used to prepare small and medium-sized products that are small in size, but more precise and can withstand impact load.