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Which is better, PC solar panel or FRP board?


PC solar panels and FRP daylighting panels both have transparent lighting functions, and are commonly used daylighting panels. Recently, many customers have expressed a lack of clarity about the differences between PC solar panels and FRP daylighting panels. Therefore, the following editor will briefly explain the differences between these two types of panels.

1. Differences in raw materials

PC Sunboard is made of polycarbonate (PC), which is an engineering plastic with many functions. It is lightweight, flame retardant, has good impact strength, high light transmittance, good stability, easy to shape, and environmentally friendly. It is often used as a raw material for daylighting ceilings.

FRP daylighting panels are mainly made of unsaturated resin (FRP), which has good strength but is flammable and unstable. They can easily differentiate above 50 ℃, and the resin is chemically synthesized using styrene as a solvent, which is toxic.


2. Structural differences

PC solar panel is a high-performance lighting material made of polycarbonate with a layer of UV coating, hollow structure, and extruded.

FRP daylighting board is a glass fiber reinforced polyester, commonly known as fiberglass, or transparent tile, mainly composed of upper film, unsaturated resin, and glass fiber.

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3. Functional differences

① In terms of lighting function: The similarities between pc sunboards and Frp sunboards are that they both have lighting function, but sunboards have better lighting performance and weather resistance, and the production process is also different. Sunboards are co extruded, and the production process is slightly more complex.

② Thermal insulation: The heat transfer coefficient of PC is 0.2W/m.k, and the heat transfer coefficient of FRP is 0.4w/m.k. The thermal insulation of PC is twice as good as that of FRP. In addition, PC is hollow structure, so the thermal insulation performance of PC board is much better than that of FRP. On the other hand, PC sunlight board is more energy-saving than FRP daylighting board.

③ Flame retardancy: PC solar panels can meet the national B1 level flame retardant specifications without adding any flame retardants, and the material of FRP daylighting panels is flammable.