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There are now increasingly stringent requirements for buildings in public spaces: not only must the structures be stylish and attractive, but their interiors must be warm and inviting, with good light transmission. The demand for more energy-efficient buildings is also rising, given the requirement to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. With solid and multi-layer sheets made of molded polycarbonate, Bayer MaterialScience offers a wide range of options for high-performance and attractive building solutions.

Transparent "glass" for transparency and efficiency
Today's so-called "modern" buildings often have transparent facades and spacious windows. However, because glass is not only fragile, design options are also limited. Dr. Volker Benz, global project manager for large projects at Bayer MaterialScience's polycarbonate sheet division, said, "Transparent molded clone sheets have similar light transmission to glass, but are safer than glass and offer greater design freedom, making them an excellent alternative to glass."
According to the report, the molded clone UV multilayer panels made of infrared-absorbing grade IQ-Relax meet many of the needs of energy-efficient buildings. In particular, the panels meet all aesthetic and functional requirements in terms of energy efficiency and reduced heat levels. Lightness and durability are two other reasons for the growing demand for Bayer MaterialScience polycarbonate sheets, which can be successfully used in façade design and other building structures.
The installation of these sheets as sustainable building elements is also part of Bayer MaterialScience's eco-business building program. Under this global program, Bayer MaterialScience has partnered with a range of specialized companies, including Bayer Sheet Europe GmbH, to provide material-tailored solutions and services for the construction of energy-optimized commercial and public buildings, including low-energy passive buildings and structures and zero-emission buildings.

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