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Why More and More Greenhouses Choose to Use Polycarbonate Sheets

September 03,2022

In greenhouse crop production, the effectiveness of any operation depends on what kind of material is covering its structure.
To achieve consistent, high-quality harvests throughout the year, growers need a protective film over the greenhouse structure to help them create ideal growing conditions for their crops without being affected by the outside environment.
The benefits of a well-chosen material, in addition to providing better growing conditions, can help growers control monthly operating costs and improve yield floor.
For these reasons, many greenhouse growers are now choosing polycarbonate sheets as the cover material for their greenhouse structures.For example, our roofing polycarbonate sheet products.

What is a polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate sheets are made of rigid plastic and are almost as clear as glass. Their material provides enough impact resistance to be one of the strongest greenhouse coverings available to growers.

In addition to their superb strength, polycarbonate sheets provide a high level of light transmission and light diffusion for greenhouses. In greenhouse production, the ideal range of light transmission is typically considered to be between 80% and 90%. polycarbonate greenhouse sheets based on different thicknesses and plies are available to provide light transmission in the ideal range.

A 10 mm double-walled polycarbonate sheet provides about 80 percent light transmission. This allows most crops to thrive and reduces the risk of them overheating or being burned by excessive sunlight. Apply to light diffusion ditto. In general, crops grow better with diffused light because diffusion allows light to reach around the crop and be more evenly distributed. Polycarbonate sheets use diffused light to promote uniform crop growth and limit the amount of light that reaches the top of the crop directly. Too much harsh direct light may hinder the growth of the crop.

Polycarbonate greenhouse sheets have been designed to provide additional convenience for growers as well. Polycarbonate sheets are less likely to be damaged during transportation due to their unbreakable nature, thus simplifying the transportation process to the site. The panels are also lightweight, making them easy to cut and install on the structure, thus simplifying the construction process.

How durable is polycarbonate sheet in greenhouse structures?

Polycarbonate greenhouse sheets are extremely durable and provide a covering that will last for many years. Both single or double layer polycarbonate sheets are highly impact resistant and come with a 10 year warranty.

Polycarbonate sheets with high durability maintain efficient performance over their lifetime and are therefore a cost-effective material. To increase the service life, users can also apply a UV protection layer to the panels to prevent discoloration and fading.

Types of Polycarbonate SHEET

Greenhouse growers can choose between single- and double-layer polycarbonate sheets. Regardless of the type of sheet used to lay the cover close to provide the ideal growing environment for crops, resulting in higher yields.

Single-layer sheets, in the case of GrowSpan single-layer polycarbonate sheets, are designed in a wavy shape. Such panels provide a high light transmission rate, capable of reaching 90% levels.

While the clarity of single-layer panels is similar to glass, they are more durable, lighter, and easier to install and maintain. Because it is a single-ply panel, it is a good choice for greenhouse growers who do not have to deal with cold winter temperatures.

Double-layer panels – Multi-layer panels are designed to have better impact hardness and better heating efficiency, making them particularly suitable for greenhouse installations in cold climates. The panels are designed with gaps between the different layers to retain air, helping to retain heat in the greenhouse and reduce energy consumption.

With a thickness of 8mm, the panels not only provide sufficient light transmission and light diffusion, but also act as a natural UV filter to protect crops from radiation damage. With a thicker sheet, almost all UV radiation can be blocked.
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