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Dormitory roof

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Honeycomb polycarbonate design lightweight structure, also for light-transmitting roofs. Honeycomb polycarbonate panels have an impact strength of 50 times, but weigh 12 times more than the same thickness of glass. Insulating glass is not inferior, has a hardness that provides resistance to snow and wind loads with cellular polycarbonate glass can be arched or flat. The cellular weight of polycarbonate panels is quite small maintenance design and can be significantly easier than with ordinary glass, so the use of cellular polycarbonate reduces the cost of construction of the roof. With the use of special plastic and profiles, the roof is installed comfortably and quickly. One of the main advantages of honeycomb polycarbonate is that the damage to the Xinjie pc diffuser panel is destroyed. The design of honeycomb polycarbonate adds "ease of use and lightness." This material can be used for: industrial vertical glazing; canopies and awnings; pedestrian crossings on roofs of stadiums, markets, swimming pools; signage and outdoor advertising light boxes; walls and roofs of sheds, greenhouses, barns; transparent partitions. Cellular polycarbonate is noteworthy for factories in the UK and the United States (USA) international enterprise Param Industries. Xinjie pc diffusion panel certificate properties ISO (International Organization for Standardization, International Organization for Standardization) ninety thousand and two low quality panels. The range of guarantees for panels allows visitors to choose a suitable material. Honeycomb polycarbonate, at GE Plastics' plant in Austria. It should be emphasized that GE Plastics is a leading space in the world of industrial production of plastics, having successfully served the world market for 20 years. The production office, founded by GE Plastics ISO (International Organization for Standardization, International Organization for Standardization) certificate of property. Honeycomb polycarbonate panels can be available in a thickness from four millimeters to 32 millimeters and are transparent, with an outer surface color or different colors (when the outer surface should have one color and one or two). The width of the panels is two meters, one meter, and the long panels can be up to 12 meters, which is very useful for very large spans of roofing or vertical glazing. Cellular polycarbonate provides good sound insulation. It can be applied at temperatures between - 40°C and 120°C with little change in its mechanical properties by this measure, it is superior to other transparent.

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