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Nilin Plug in PC Sunlight Panel-Multi color Luminous Curtain Wall Panel


Multi-layer structure plug-in solar panel curtain wall dedicated plug-in solar panel - functional solar panel PC solar panel, also known as hollow panel, glass Kablon, PC board. The four layer plug-in board adopts a four layer rectangular structure, with a width of 500mm and a thickness of up to 30mm40mm500mm. The length can be made into any length according to requirements. It is very suitable for vertical curtain wall partitions, partition walls, and other buildings. The fire rating can reach Level B, and this special plug-in structure does not require additional intermediate connections. The surface is flat and beautiful, and installation is simple and convenient.

The plug-in sunlight board is a flat polycarbonate hollow board multi-layer tree structure design that meets the strength requirements of building facade installation. The self locking form of concave and convex buckles is used on the side of each board, and a certain space is reserved at the bottom of the beautiful concave and convex buckles, and trapezoidal aluminum fasteners are placed. Using self tapping screws to fix trapezoidal aluminum fasteners at the bottom, the steel structure installation is convenient, and on the basis of meeting the stability of the entire building structure, it can greatly eliminate the longitudinal steel structure, save a large amount of steel, and save cost.


The optical performance of curtain wall plug-in solar panels is very close to that of glass, which can make up for the shortcomings of glass in more aspects. The unique appearance characteristics and stable physical and chemical properties of polycarbonate PC solar panels make them very suitable for use as curtain wall materials, and they are "exposed" on the periphery of buildings. With the active cooperation of the manufacturers and the accumulated experience of architects in practice, the performance of solar panel curtain walls has become increasingly outstanding.