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With the continuous expansion of the decoration market, the sunroom is also accepted by more and more people, some sunrooms are built in the terrace and balcony, but also built in the courtyard on the first floor, built on the first floor in the first floor owners will have certain concerns, if someone throws something down in the upper floors, my sunroom will not be smashed it. What will be the impact of the smash?

When considering whether the sunroom will be smashed, we must first find out what kind of material is used for the top of the sunroom. If it is glass, it is very likely to be smashed, and the impact resistance of glass is very general, especially under the wind and sun, many times, even if there is no impact of falling objects, the glass itself will be broken. The practicality of the sunroom built with glass is also general, such as in the north, there will be snow in winter, the glass will sometimes be difficult to withstand the weight of the snow, in the south, especially in coastal areas, the summer often typhoons, typhoons, if the strength of high, will roll up some debris and other objects on the ground, which is very fatal to the glass sunroom. Homeowners are saying, we want the purpose of the sunroom is to have a good lighting, can make good use of the sun, glass this product has good light transmission, if not use the glass, what else can be used instead? With the development of science and technology, people's daily life in many prices have appeared a good alternative or upgrade products, glass is certainly no exception, in addition to our familiar tempered glass, there are polycarbonate sheet can replace the glass, polycarbonate sheet is also known as the endurance plate, as the name suggests, the endurance plate amount of these three words, has highlighted the nature of the product The three words, as the name implies, have highlighted the nature of the product.

According to the relevant data, the impact resistance of the endurance panel is 300 times that of glass, or two times that of tempered glass. The sunroom built with endurance panels is not only easy to build and the safety is incomparable to glass. Some people may ask, "Why don't we use tempered glass?" Tempered glass is really excellent in terms of impact resistance, but it's not as good as the weatherboard, and tempered glass can't be cut and processed again, and can only be shaped and processed before tempering. And when building a sunroom, it often needs to be adapted to the location, with tempered glass, the production cycle is too long, and the tolerance rate is low. Tempered glass also has a fatal disadvantage, that is, when the temperature difference is too large, there will be the case of spontaneous explosion. This is also very dangerous.

This is a very simple truth, if a new product, with the advantages of the old product, to change the old product's shortcomings, and have more advantages of their own, then people will not use it?