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Suzhou on the installation of solid polycarbonate sheet In North America


1. When installing the polycarbonate solid board, lift the protective film on the edge surface of the solid pc board by about 10cm, so that the neutral sealant is bonded to the solid polycarbonate board to achieve waterproof effect.

2. In order to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, when installing the polycarbonate solid board, at least a 10MM expansion gap should be reserved at the joint between the two sheets (with a span of less than 2M). For large-span installations, the reserved expansion and contraction space is determined by the thermal expansion coefficient of the PC solid board.

3. After the PC solid board is installed, tear off the surface (double-sided) protective film within a week.

4. If you need to punch holes directly on the polycarbonate solid plate during installation, the hole diameter is generally 50% larger than the diameter of the bolt. Bolts with a head larger than the hole diameter should be used, and a waterproof gasket should be added.

5. The bolts should not be too tight during installation, otherwise the polycarbonate solid board will burst and cause waterproof problems.

6. When installing with sealant, neutral silicone, neutral series sealant (alcohol type, Toshiba) or double-sided waterproof tape can be used.

7. The polycarbonate solid board has protective films on both sides, and the anti-ultraviolet treatment surface protective film has a printed logo, and this side faces the sun during installation.