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Glass → acrylic → polycarbonate sheets


The most preferable choice of materials for sunroom construction

Originally the sun rooms were built of glass which were commonly used in factories and field sheds.
As the industry developed over the years, the application of sun rooms was not only applied to agricultural planting of flowers and plants, but also slowly began to enter the home.
The family has a courtyard / terrace will prefer to build a sunroom, as a venue for leisure and entertainment.

In the beginning, glass was used more often as a material for construction.The light of glass can well meet some of the needs of people.
However, with the development of the times, some hidden dangers and defects of glass were also exposed.
Today, with the update of the times, glass has been commonly used in office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.
Because of the high cost, glass in household can not really do popular.


After the glass was not popular, with a new round of material in the era of reform, acrylic sheet came out of nowhere.
At that time, the acrylic sheet, is considered the most likely to replace the glass.Because it is not less than the light transmission of glass, and a certain degree of plasticity.
However, once the acrylic sheet is burned by fire, it will produce water droplets, toxic gas. Moreover, the acrylic is exposed to the sun, eroded by the wind and sand for a long time, it will yellow, moldy.
The emergence of these problems, can only explain the application of acrylic in the sunroom has not been suitable.


The problem was exposed, and people started another new innovation!
At this time, polycarbonate sheet was finally researched and developed.
Polycarbonate sheet, inherited the light transmission of glass, made on the basis of acrylic sheet reinforced, impact resistance has been significantly improved, the surface can also add UV layer, effectively prevent the sheet in the encounter of some irresistible damage to the bad weather.


Two major advantages of polycarbonate sheet sunroom.
1. High transparency, strong impact resistance
The transparency of polycarbonate sheet is as transparent as glass, and its impact resistance is dozens to hundreds of times that of glass, strong and reliable, not easy to break with a hammer, safer than glass.
2. UV protection, quality assurance
Polycarbonate sheet is made of new imported raw materials, the surface added UV coating, can extend the use of the sheet is not easy to yellow. Sheets from Suzhou NILIN has a ten-year warranty, quality assurance.


Times are progressing, materials are being updated, and people's quality of life is being improved step by step.
Suzhou NILIN, a source manufacturer focusing on manufacturing polycarbonate sheets, builds professional environmental protection new materials and contributes to the world environmental protection in a small way!