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Polycarbonate hollow panels for architectural lighting! Outstanding advantages


Polycarbonate hollow panels used in architectural curtain walls generally have several unique advantages, such as: light weight and high strength, high transparency, UV resistance, easy to install... In fact, as early as the 1970s there was the emergence of PC hollow panels, until now, has become more and more = commonplace! Light weight and high strength: PC sheet turns out to be special, itself belongs to the high impact resistance, light quality of a material, so that many special, complex buildings can be easily completed, such as: the sky loft of the Nanjing Sifang Contemporary Art Museum, its exterior light curtain wall using a double layer of sunlight panels.

High transparency: for many buildings, lighting is very important, and should be required throughout the year, polycarbonate hollow panels and natural light combined to produce a warm and soft fiber optic, do not want the dazzling and blinding direct glass to people, to a certain extent, the choice of PC hollow panels to achieve the unity of the entire building optics and aesthetics, so that the entire building façade looks warm and transparent! Anti-UV: the surface of the plate added anti-UV process, limited added the anti-UV performance of the plate (processing technology is common and commonly used). In addition, polycarbonate hollow panel can be used in the temperature environment of -40℃~120℃, easy to bend and easy to install, so it also stands out among many building façade materials!