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Honeycomb polycarbonate hollow sheet, more reliable performance & wide application


PC honeycomb sunshine panel, belongs to the polycarbonate sheet with multiple small holes shape, has many advantages such as stable structure, material saving, wide coverage, high strength and light structure, etc. The panel itself has six-sided column interconnected honeycomb core, just like fifty I-beams, the core layer is distributed and fixed inside the whole panel, making the panel more stable, impact resistance, bending resistance, pressure resistance .... These basic properties are greatly beyond the ordinary PC double hollow board. PC honeycomb board main product characteristics are: light specific gravity, high strength, stable structure, good wind pressure, good light transmission, aging resistance... At present, these panels have been widely used in indoor decoration, such as: hotels, cruise ships, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, stations, airports, stadiums, etc., and also for some exterior wall decoration.