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Introduction to the specifications and uses of PC transparent


Corrugated polycarbonate sheet

PC Transparent Wave Tile Specification and Usage:
PC transparent wave tiles are mainly made of polycarbonate (PC) as the main raw material, with the addition of UV resistant agents and other chemical raw materials, and are made using today's advanced technology. The product has excellent stability, is not prone to yellowing or deterioration, and has a high ability to absorb strong ultraviolet rays within the ultraviolet spectrum range (290-400nm). And it has been proven through experiments that up to 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation can be effectively isolated.


Thickness: 0.8-2.8mm;
Colors: transparent, transparent blue, transparent green, brown, milky white;

The scope of use of UV-PC transparent wave tiles: · Gardens, agricultural greenhouses, and indoor fish farming greenhouses· Skylights, cellars, arched roofs, and commercial greenhouses· Modern railway station, airport waiting hall and passage ceiling· Covering of public facilities such as modern bus stations, ferry terminals, etc· Daylighting in areas such as factories, warehouses, and markets;

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Precautions for UV-PC transparent wave tiles: 1. It is prohibited to come into contact with wet cement surfaces and surfaces of acid and alkali substances; 2. Prohibit contact with organic solvents, adhesives and paints composed of them; PC/FRP corrugated board is a polycarbonate board with high quality, excellent strength and toughness, characterized by high impact resistance, clarity, lightweight, diversity, and UV resistance; PC wave tiles exhibit excellent weather resistance, durability, and fire resistance.

Make it an ideal roof material for building covers, patios, car sheds, balconies, rain sheds, screens, pavilions, and swimming pools. Wave tiles can also be used as roof materials for industrial and agricultural buildings.