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Polycarbonate PC light diffusion technology and its application


Light diffusion PC plastic is also called polycarbonate light diffusion plastic. It is a transparent/opaque material particle that can diffuse light and reflect light through polymerization with transparent PC (polycarbonate) plastic as the base material and additives such as light diffusing agent. In the past decade, with the rapid development of LED industry, as the key material of LED lighting, PC light diffusion plastics have been developed.

Features of pc light diffusion plastic products:
1. PC raw materials have high light transmittance, high diffusion, no glare and shadow.
2. Good aging resistance and UV resistance.
3. It can be extruded and injected, easy to use and low loss.
4. The light source has good concealment and no light spot.
5. High impact strength.
6. It is suitable for LED bulbs, tubes, light transmission plates, shells and other special light diffusion materials for LED lighting lampshades. In view of the good stability and safety of PC light diffusion plastics, they are widely used in commercial lighting, public safety lighting, transportation facilities and other fields.
Application of PC Photodiffusion Plastics on Diffusion Plate

At present, PC diffusion plates are mainly used for high-quality LED lighting products.
The base material of polycarbonate diffusion plate is polycarbonate, which is extruded into diffusion plate by injection molding. The technical development of PC diffusion plate originated from raw material manufacturers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Initially, it was developed to support LED backlight display. With the development of LED lighting technology, the application of PC diffusion plate in the lighting field is bound to appear.


Light diffusion polycarbonate curtain wall connector plate

The translucent polycarbonate plug-in curtain wall system, combined with the overall environment of the curtain wall works, is intended to create a light, simple and transparent visual effect. The flat plug installation mode enhances the integrated beauty of the wall; Through the performance of polycarbonate panels that can be customized and developed, a personalized integrated curtain wall can be created to integrate the building with the surrounding natural landscape. This is a new translucent material, which is easy to shape and can present a texture like frosted glass. In order to maintain a continuous sense of purity, we have also designed a new tectonic connection mode to reduce the horizontal gap of the plate to almost zero. It can not only meet the safety requirements of the curtain wall, but also eliminate the impact of exposed fixed members on the facade. Polycarbonate plug-in curtain wall system, a new type of lightweight and tough plastic sheet, creates a glass effect. The addition of light diffusion technology makes it appear translucent milky white in the daytime, and it can also emit soft and uniform milky white light at night. This requires high scattering performance of the selected plate. The polycarbonate connector plate is light and tough. The 2.7m high polycarbonate connector plate needs no keel in the middle when it is firmly fixed up and down, so that the overall lighting effect at night will not be affected.