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Polycarbonate sheet -- multiple choices of materials for daylighting buildings


As we all know, lighting is often a very important part of the design in the selection of building materials. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the materials of lighting roofs are also developing. From the initial glass, metal, acrylic, etc. to the popular polycarbonate (PC) board, there is an increasing demand and higher quality requirements. How did the polycarbonate (PC) board "stand out"?

Advantages of the plate itself
① PC board is a new type of building material with high strength, heat insulation, light transmission and portability. Since there is no self explosion, it is safer than glass;
② PC board can meet many demands of energy-saving buildings, especially in terms of energy saving and reducing heat level, and can fully meet all aesthetic and functional requirements;
③ Light weight and durability are the other two main reasons for the growth of demand for PC boards, which enable them to be successfully used in facade design and other building structures;
④ PC board can provide good thermal insulation performance similar to triple glass;
⑤ Due to the extremely flexible use, PC sheet is easy to form, and is superior to many other materials in terms of design freedom.


Variety of plate selection

Polycarbonate (PC) plates are generally divided into three categories: sunlight plate, endurance plate and wave tile, which can also be used as lighting building materials, such as:


U-shaped latch sunlight plate

It has very good lighting and impact resistance, and is very simple and fast in installation. Unlike other plates, which may require screws during installation, aluminum beads and sealant can meet the installation requirements, and it looks very beautiful and generous. Its unique effect, on the whole, also beautifies the space. Compared with the daylighting roofs made of other materials, it has a stronger sense of fashion and beauty.


Polycarbonate (PC) endurance board

First of all, as a roof lighting material, PC endurance board lighting roof has a high thermal insulation coefficient, which is lower than the thermal conductivity (K value) of ordinary glass and other plastics, and has a significant energy-saving effect. Secondly, the PC endurance board has the function of ultraviolet protection, and the PC endurance board has a variety of colors and is highly selectable. It does not need to turn on the light for a long time, so the power saving effect is obvious.



Polycarbonate (PC) daylighting tile

In addition to the sunlight board endurance board, some of the lighting boards used in factory lighting, large building ceilings, vegetable greenhouses and other related fields often choose the PC lighting tiles. In addition to lighting, impact resistance, UV protection and other properties, PC daylighting tiles can also be corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, suitable for the roof of chemical workshops, such as fertilizer plants, electroplating plants, etc.