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Which is more effective, polycarbonate hollow sheet or plastic film for greenhouse?


First of all, hollow sheet and film material is different, the appearance is also different.

1*Beautiful and longer effective use period:
Film is an average of two years a change, labor, time and money.
Hollow sheet can be used for more than ten years, which is more beautiful.

2*Light transmission:
Hollow sheet can provide effective transparency and surface gloss, so that the solar energy per unit area in the greenhouse shed can be utilized as much as possible.

3*Energy saving:
The thermal conductivity (K value) is lower than that of ordinary greenhouse film, so that heat loss is greatly reduced.

4*Impact resistance:
Polycarbonate is one of the best impact resistant thermoplastics. Hollow sheet has the reputation of "unbreakable glass" and "loud steel".
In contrast, film canopy is very easy to suffer physical damage.

5*Flame retardant, fireproof:
Polycarbonate has good fire resistance. By the fire building materials supervision center test, polycarbonate hollow sheet belongs to the flame-retardant B grade, away from the fire is self-extinguishing.
And the film shed in front of the fire is unbearable, the world every year there will be caused by man-made fire so that the film shed farmers suffer huge losses.

6*Hollow sheet temperature adaptability.
Polycarbonate hollow sheet in -100 degrees Celsius does not occur cold brittle, in 135 degrees Celsius does not soften, in the harsh environment of its mechanics, mechanical properties, etc. are no significant changes.